5 Steps to Creating a Purpose-Driven Business
(that generates recruits on demand! )
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GROW YOUR BUSINESS and get more recruits FAST!
In this Master Class you'll discover . . .
  •  How to create a passion and mission centered business while still building your direct sales business.
  •  How to reach your business goals by implement the framework and system that generates predictable and proven results. 
  •  How to use Social Media to generate a tribe or community of fans that want what you are selling and want join your team.
  •  How to attract a CONSTANT flow of recruits reaching out to YOU on a daily basis.
  •  How to do all of this without posting a million times a day on Facebook and Twitter, without bugging your friends and family, without messaging 20 random strangers a day and most of all without doing all the "marketing stuff" that you really don't want to do anyway. 
Brooke Elder is the creator of In Pursuit of Recruits and the CEO of Social Tenacity. She has helped small business owners and Network Marketers scale their businesses online giving them more time freedom and a business that is authentic to who they are.

"Brooke KNOWS online marketing and how to effectively run a business based on being in the trenches, not theory. I highly recommend working with Brooke. She truly cares about helping people and will get you unstuck."

- Jess B. -
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